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Trial & Appellate, Family, Constitutional & Civil Rights
Trial & Appellate Law


Eric's courtroom experience is significant and diverse.  He is highly respected by both fellow attorneys and those working in the legal and criminal justice professions throughout Southern Illinois.


His hard work has even been featured on A&E's "Cold Case Files" - People v. Mary Morgan (1998), a victory for Eric regarding a 1962 area homicide.



Family Law


Eric's years of experience prove invaluable for his clients, time after time.

"Eric stood by my side through many tough years of custody struggles. His experience proved to be great advice when I was wrapped up in my emotions. Even when I thought I knew what was best, he carefully led me in the right direction. I thought the battle would never end. Luckily, with Eric and his staff, my struggles have led to a peaceful resolution. I'd recommend Eric and stand proudly behind his morals."  -Megan Rittmeyer, client 

Constitutional Law &
Civil Rights Litigation


Eric is an ardent supporter of the First Amendment and the Constitution of the United States.  He has often said it is the most brilliant document ever composed, and deserves to be defended.  

As such, he is equally passionate about his clients' civil rights, and will fight fiercely to protect them, as evidenced by a deprivation verdict in the amount of $3.4 million.



Criminal, Civil, Personal
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Criminal Defense

Experienced, aggressive, and determined - Eric will fight on your behalf, to ensure you maintain your rights and are properly protected and represented throughout the entire process.  

We understand that navigating the legal system can be rigorous, and that a person wrongfully accused often feels as if no one is on their side.  We will listen compassionately, and then Eric will put his years of hard-earned experience to work, telling your story and protecting your interests.  No one will fight harder for you.


Civil Litigation

Since graduating from Southern Methodist University's Dedman School of Law in 1983, Eric's peers have taken note of his sharp wit, attention to detail, and superb overall results.  His office has successfully handled civil litigation claims ranging from small cases to multi-million dollar settlements.  As a client of the firm, Scott Clark put it, "You simply can't go wrong with Eric." 

Personal Injury Litigation

Personal injuries can take on so many forms.  

Unfortunately, it is oftentimes those who we put the most trust in who cause the most serious injuries, or even death.  Doctors and hospitals make mistakes, but personal injuries can happen anytime, in any place.  

Our firm has decades of experience handling all aspects of person injury lawsuits.  If you think you have been injured and wronged, or if you have questions pertaining to a loved one, please call us, we are here to help you.  Eric "tells it straight".  We won't give you a sales pitch. 


We are here to help.

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Constructon Litigation
Construction Litigation

Construction sites are fertile breeding grounds for countless injuries and claims.  

Eric has obtained many favorable verdicts and strong settlements. 

Recently, Eric obtained, after a multi-day trial, an arbitration award on behalf of a local contractor against an attorney.

By evaluating the claim from the outset and then working through disputes, mediation is often the right path, and Eric has guided many down that road to favorable outcomes as well. 


Call today for a free consultation regarding your situation. 

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